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New Pool Construction

Design and Quote in Seven Days!

Our team can provide you with a swimming pool design and quote in seven days or less. That’s faster than most companies return your call! Here’s a timeline of the typical design and quote process:

Day 1:

Client and POOL-ology make first contact

Day 3:

On Site Meeting to gather information and discuss your ideas

Day 4 to 6:

Design is created, project is estimated, and contract is prepared

Day 7:

Presentation of design and contract at POOL-ology's office

New Pool Construction Process

Depending on the complexity of your project, construction can be completed in 5 to 15 weeks. The average project takes about 8 weeks from the time your contract is signed. Here’s a week by week timeline for a standard New Construction Project:

Week 0:

Contract is signed, planning begins

Week 1:

Excation, Forming, and Steel

Week 2:

Plumbing and Equipment Set

Week 3:

Gunite and Electric

Week 4:

Gunite Curing

Week 5:

Tile, Coping, and Other Masonry

Week 6:


Week 7:


Week 8:

Cleanup, Chemistry Startup, and Pool Handff Meeting

Setup a Design Meeting

Swimming Pool Renovations

Pool Interior

Pool Plaster

Whether your looking for standard plaster, quartz, or pebble, we can help you redo your pool interior from demo to startup.


Pool Tile Repair

Usually done with a replaster, tile is one of the best ways to add a fresh new look to your pool!


New Pool Coping

Coping is the stone work seperating your pool from your pool deck. Coping is the third item that is usually replaced during a renovation


Redo Deck

You may want to add a beach to your pool, refinish your deck, or add a waterwall or rock water feature. We can help you with any of your pool patio projects!

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